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Osteria Arbustico

Warm Welcome

Creativity, accuracy and an endless love for cuisine



Facing west, on the marvellous sight of the Valle del Sele and the sunsets on the Parco dei Monti Picentini, two little dining rooms, furnished in simplicity and taste, reflect the essence and the spirit of the Osteria Arbustico. The orientation of the wide glass surfaces gives the room a pleasantly relaxing natural daylight shade, while, at night, the soft and warm lighting, together with the color chosen for the decoration, the exposed cellar and a comfortable relax corner, exhalts the characteristics of a welcoming and refined space.

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The Osteria Arbustico can be experienced by choosing among different options

  • Menu' Osteria

    € 48

    A four courses degustation chosen by the Guest Wine Mating € 25

  • A ognuno il proprio menu'

    A special Menù, suitable for every circumstance, for business dinner or lunch, or simply for an occasion

  • Menu' Arbustico


    A six courses degustation selected by Cristian. Wines Mating: €35

  • La Carte

    Full freedom to choose among the following

The Cellar

Italian and Foreign, mostly French

  • The Wines List of Osteria Arbustico is in continuous evolution. Research and selection are the fruit of Tomas’ curiosity and passion. The best Campanian winemaker productions and a selection of Italian and foreign bottles, with a special consideration for France.



Hospitality is one of the Family

Close From 9 July - to 4 August

Please fill the form yo book your table at the Osteria Arbustico

Cristian and Tomas


  • Cristian Torsiello

During the years at Catering Institute of Roccaraso, meets Niko Romito; he works with him for seven years at the Reale, the first years of his career, the fundamental ones. Then he moves to Ischia and works with Nino Di Costanzo, who teaches him how to be meticulous, precise and organized. At the end of the season, he begins his experience at Gennaro Esposito’s Torre del Saracino, an expression of pragmatism, of concreteness and candor, both in life and in tastes he instills in his dishe. Then at restaurant Da Caino, with Valeria Piccini, who passes down to him the values of group and family under a professional point of view. The idea of starting up a restaurant on his own was there since a long time; it takes shapes and becomes reality in 2011, novembre. He launches, so, Osteria Arbustico in Valva, in his home town, with his brother Tomas and his family.

  • Tomas Torsiello

In 2000 begins his studies at the Istituto Alberghiero di Roccaraso; here, he has the chance to work in some restaurants of the area. In one of these, he meets Niko and Cristina Romito; they will work in Chef Romito’s restaurant until 2007, reaching the prestigious aknowledgement of the Michelin Star. In these years his passion for wine and for dining room management increases; he will develop it further, afterwards, in Versilia and in Campania, meeting many winemakers, little and big ones, all over Italy. In 2011 the dream of a restaurant of his own becomes reality and, together with his brother Cristian, he starts Osteria Arbustico. In those years, thanks to his curiosity and taste, the Osteria Arbustico cellar grows up until reaching the 400 and more labels it boasts today.


Of reported followed

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    Identità golose

    Sonia Gioia
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    Guida Michelin

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    Luciano Pignataro

    Luciano Pignataro
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    Scatti di gusto

    Vincenzo Pagano
More Than Food

Close To Us

In Valva one of the most suggestive gardens of Italy

Contursi with his health spa, Senerchia with his WWF oasis.

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Osteria Arbustico

Salerno–Reggio Calabria motorway’s exit named “Contursi”, then Fondovalle Sele Road’s exit named “Colliano”. Turn left at the intersection, then follow the signs to Valva

   0828 796266



   Contrada Deserte, 84020 Valva (SA), Italy

Opening Times

Close From 9 July - to 4 August

Thursday - Saturday 1:00 – 2:30 P.M. / 8:00 – 10:15 P.M.

Sunday 1:00 – 2:30 P.M.

Monday 1:00 – 2:30 P.M. / 8:00 – 10:15 P.M.

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