Paestum Cilento, Italy
Paestum Cilento, Italy


Qui da noi le radici sono profonde.



String bean salad, zucchini, citrus, green tomatoes and emulsion of pistachios
Sweetbreads, sesame vinaigrette, laurel oil and black garlic
Codfish, fermented beans, tomatoes and olives
Acciaroli’s shrimp, hazelnut, lemon, field mushrooms

First courses

Spaghettini with saffron
Risotto with butter, sage, smoky sardine and black garlic powder
Artichoke Raviolo and roasted squids soup
Ricotta cheese Tortello, spinach and smoked eel
Tubettoni pasta, escarole and marinated red shrimp

Main courses

Local fish, red turnip ans green sauce
Lamb, smoky eel pate and wild herbs
Seabass, almond, bottarga sauce and beetroot
Guinea fowl, dark bottom of truffled vegetables and raspberry marinate parsley envy
Lobster, topinambur, vermouth and spinach

Cheese Plateau

Cheese Plateau


Ricotta Cheese and Pear
Candied brioche with tonquin beans, pistachio and coffee ice-cream
Meringue, chocolate, mint and lemon
Shortbread with bergamot cream, raspberry ice-cream and almond mousse
Star anise apple with ginger ice-cream

Tasting Menu


Marinate and smoky trout, cauliflower and orange
Spaghettini with saffron
Lamb, smoky eel pate and wild herbs
Star anise apple with ginger ice-cream

50 euros


Tasting Menu of four courses chosen by the guest

55.00 euros | Wine pairing 25.00 euros


Tasting Menu of six courses advised by Cristian

60.00 euros | Wine Pairing 35.00 euros

The menus are provided for a whole table.




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