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Cristian’s cuisine

Osteria Arbustico was brought to life by two brothers who, after working in some of the most renowned Italian restaurants, chose to take a risk by creating their own project that had the flavour and scent of their home roots.
This, the reason of their return, what the ancient Greek called “nostos”, a word that originates “nostalgia”.
Cristian and Tomas Torsiello’s story is that of a homecoming, where the journey started: the characteristic of a town on the hills of the Salerno province, Valva.
Following the Sele river, from its origin in the Alta Valle, the Torsiello brothers sailed to the delta from the door of Cilento, where the stream meets the Paestum sea.
Brothers bound by blood and vocation, they built their life project in food service, working shoulder to shoulder in an unbreakable bond: Cristian manages the Osteria Arbustico kitchen, hosted in the modern and elegant facility of Hotel Royal; Tomas, along with a staff of seasoned professional, provide an experience second to none in the dining room.
Cristian Torsiello’s cuisine is the tale of a territory full of potential, but still not fully expressed. A land with high quality products, marked by a millennia tradition, that yearns to be expressed in a contemporary language.

With the territory’s best, seasonal, products in hand, yet not limited to the cuisine of Campania due to my extensive training in Abruzzo and Toscana. Cross contamination is unavoidable in my dishes, an expression of tradition and modernity.

Cristian Torsiello

Often, I am asked where my dreams lie. My response? I have goals, not dreams. My aim in the kitchen is to treat food in a way that is simple and direct.

Cristian Torsiello

If you want to create something original, that functions, you must start from the bottom: the knowledge of raw materials, an understanding of them, and how to care for and handle them. I made the dishes, cut vegetables, peeled the potatoes and rinsed the fruit. I swept and washed the floors. Even the lowliest task taught me the dignity of making things with your own hands.

Cristian Torsiello

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