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Ужин в подарок

Surprise your beloved one with a romantic and original gift and let them enjoy an enogastronomic experience that will satisfy every sense, from sight to smell, other than taste.
Choose between two boxes FOR LOVERS ONLY:

1. Gift Box DUE GOURMET, for 2 people:
- 6 course tasting menu with wine from Cilento 168 euros - 8 course tasting menu with wine pairing 219 euro - 10 course tasting menu with Italian and French wine pairing 286 euros

2. Gift Box DUE LOVERS, for 2 people:
6 course tasting menu (designed by chef Cristian Torsiello) with wine paring and a one-night stay in one of the Osteria Arbustico’s Design Rooms.
269 euros

Reservations are required.

When we’ll be two, we’ll be like sleep and watch, we’ll sink in the same flesh
like the milk tooth and its successor,
we’ll be two like the waters, the fresh and the salt one,
like the skies, nocturnal and diurnal,
two like the feet, the eyes, the kidneys,
like the heart beat times
and the breath blows.

Erri De Luca

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