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Pontecagnano hosts the new gastronomic Advanced Training School “In Cibum”

FMTS invests in gastronomy and food industry to guarantee new opportunities and professional growth


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We like to characterize the events with our gastronomic personality and highlight properly the Campanian excellences.

The orchestra conductor is our chef @CristianTorsiello and his entire staff.

Everything must be perfect; every little detail!

Best wishes to In Cibum, a project of national scope that make us even more proud as Salernitans.

It opens in Pontecagnano, Salerno, a new HUB of FMTS Group, leader in training and research of employees in Italy.

A structure of 4.000 sqm that is going to host not only the head quarter of the Group of Campania- present today in Lazio, Puglia, Calabria, Basilicata, Lombardy, Sicily and Emilia Romagna, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Ireland and Malta - but also the gastronomic Advanced Training School In Cibum (the new FMTS project) that aims to bring togheter the actors of the gastronomical world and of the agri-food sector into a single context, synthesis of experiences and opportunities to adquire abilities and competencies and at the same time develop the cultural and professional growth.

The inaguration took place in the presence of Vincenzo Boccia, President of Confindustria, Giuseppe Melara, President and Managing Director of Fmts Group, Giuseppe Lanzara, Mayor of Pontecagnano Faiano (Sa) and Bruno Scuotto, President of Fondimpresa.

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ph: #fezzastudiofotografia — at In Cibum.