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Wine cellar

Crazy wine that usually pushes the very wise man to sing a song and laugh out loud and send it up to dance, and let out a few words that were better kept quiet.


A good dish always needs a proper wine to be paired with.
You’ll find more than 400 labels in our wine list, which are the expressions of the most valuable grape varieties that our territory has to offer.
Sparkling wines, white, red and rosé wines: each wine you’ll find on our list is designed to pair the dishes of our Osteria. Since Campania is a land which has a thousand-year-old tradition in the production of top-quality wines, local wines have great importance in our gastronomic offer.
Last but not least, our bubbly champagne, with its French soul, which gives our list an international flavor.

I have often said that I wasn’t the one who chose the wine. Instead, the wine chose me. The intimate pleasure that can spring from the aroma of a good glass of wine is something that I still cannot describe without feeling touched inside.

Tomas Torsiello

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