stella michelin

Wine cellar

Crazy wine that usually pushes the very wise man to sing a song and laugh out loud and send it up to dance, and let out a few words that were better kept quiet.


A good dish is always enhanced by a fitting wine.
Osteria Arbustico’s wine list consists of over 400 labels and is the expression of Cilento’s territorial excellence of national and international grapes of prestige.
Champagne, sparkling wines, whites, reds, and rosé: every label is selected for a perfect pair with the Osteria’s dishes.
Campania’s wines have a dignified place in our gastronomic display as our territory has a long-standing tradition of wine making.

I often said that I didn’t choose the wine, it chose me. Today I still feel deeply touched when I get to describe the intimate pleasure that arises from a glass of wine.

Tomas Torsiello

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